Freight Payment 

Outsource your freight payment needs with Eagle's Freight Payment services. Clients can choose the complete package, including pre-payment freight audit, data capture, freight payment, and accounts payable/receivable services, or specific services as needed. 

Post-payment Audit

Eagle specializes in auditing transportation invoices after payment. Not only are our auditors knowledgeable about industry standard overcharges for all modes of transport, we also take the time to analyze and understand your shipping profile to identify overcharge which can be unique to your business.  Our Post-payment Audit service includes monthly KPI reporting, as well as filing and collecting on overcharge claims.

Contract Negotiations

Ensure that you're getting the best rates possible with Eagle's Contract Negotiation service.  With 50 combined years in the logistics field, our staff has seen contracts and rates for just about every kind of business imaginable, so we know what you should be paying for your freight.

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